Detailed Information about

Detailed Information about

On you can get to know the open source cms TYPO3 in the current long term support version 9 and test working as editor. By providing different sub domains, we give several users the opportunity to test TYPO3 at the same time.

This web site also serves as location of our video project. Aside from the introductory pages, the structure and content of this website are kept similar to the video for an easy orientation.

If you want to use this website for practicing while watching the TYPO3 video for editors or for testing other functions, is up to you. In case you are interested in another TYPO3 version, you can choose one from the following list.

Overview of our TYPO3 test and demo web sites

About us

The website is no official TYPO3 utility; it is a service of a7digital GmbH, one of the many members of the TYPO3 Association. We use the open source cms since many years and are very grateful for the work of the TYPO3 developers. As part of our contribution to the world-wide TYPO3 project, we provide our TYPO3 videos and test websites for editors free of cost.

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This is not a web site of TYPO3 Association who is the owner of the trademark TYPO3. [more].