On this page, it was planned to give you tips and show you tricks that exceed the basic knowledge of a TYPO3 editor.

Search engine optimisation

With the help of some simple TypoScript-adjustments TYPO3 allows to enter individual values for the HTML-tags "title", "description" and  "keywords" per page. The first two tags are very important for search engine optimisation, but very often are neglected when content and pages are edited.

In addition, the speaking URLs, e.g. achieved by the extension realurl, play an important role. Also the names of images, alternative texts and captions as well as title-texts for links are likewise important.

These are just a few examples of the good conditions TYPO3 offers regarding search engine optimisation. It is up to the editor to use these possibilities as a basis in addition of a good content concept.

Discover more

Even when working with TYPO3 for a longer time already, there will always be some new aspects to discover that will help you working faster or getting better results.

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