TYPO3 includes, in addition to the core system, over 7000 free so-called extensions.  Although not all of this large number should be used in a current TYPO3-website, this number still contains a very large range of attractive features. This may include, for example:

  • slider for images
  • lightbox for images
  • module for news
  • blog
  • forum
  • shop
  • module for comments
  • evaluation function
  • module for opinion polls
  • guestbook

The list gives only a small, first impression. Several variants of each of these features are available for selection.

In this test installation we have set up a module for news and a slider-extension, so you can test the handling of them.


30. Mai 2007

Deadline changed

The deadline of 13th and 14th June has been changed to 12th and 13th June.[mehr]

18. April 2007

Deadline Shift

The next date of 19.04. was postponed to 07.05. with short notice.[mehr]

10. April 2007

Successful Project Start

The first two days were a good start for our introductory project.[mehr]

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